Diamondbacks News

Bullpen True Colors Starting to Shine

By Scott Allen

Chad Qualls, Bob Howry, Juan Gutierrez, Aaron Heilman, Blaine Boyer…remember those names cause if what has taken place the last two nights in Los Angeles and San Diego continues, those five might not be around long and will just be part of the Arizona Diamondbacks history, or at least they should be. 

Two leads, two blown saves, two nights in a row.  Too bad this will become a recurring theme throughout the season.  I think  what you see is what you’ll get.  Sure you might see some moving pieces, for the most part though, this will be a bullpen that struggles all seaosn long. 

The ERA’s of the releivers reads more like the price of a meal at Olive Garden or TGI Friday’s rather than Wendy’s or Taco Bell

Bob Howry 11.25, Esmerling Vasquez 9.00, Chad Qualls 8.31, Juan Gutierrez 7.71 just to name a few.  Heilman and Boyer actually have ERA’s of 4.00 and under right now, but lately neither of them are getting the job done. 

We knew this bullpen was going to be nothing to write home about, but it was expected to be better than this.  Thanks to the higher ERA’s, the team ERA is threatening to reach 5.00.  After last night it is 4.79.  Yes the players need to be accountible for their performance, but so should the people that put them there in the first place.  If you don’t have pitchers who are going to be able to come in and save a great performance from a Dan Haren or Edwin Jackson on a consistent basis, then they might as well never take the mound.  We’re not looking for perfection and we realize there are humans on those mounds and mistakes will happen.  However you and your team will go no where if you can’t put together a good performance even every now and then. 

Scott Allen