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Extra Innings

By Unknown author

Arizona 12-11 over the Rockies in Extra Innings

Today’s game against the Rockies was full of confusion and excitement. This is what the experts would call an ugly win. The Dbacks started off hitting the ball well, getting out to a comfortable 6-0 lead in the 1st. Then suddenly they looked like the team of old as the Rockies scored 11 runs faster than I could go to the bathroom. (Not literally of course) I don’t know if the Dbacks forgot the game was actually 9 innings or the Rockies just drunk some special Gatorade after the 1st inning but it didn’t look pretty for awhile. It was kind of reminiscing of last night’s beating the Rockies gave us.

In the 5th the Dbacks looked like they tightened their hats and woke up after Justin Upton hit a double knocking in his second RBI of the game. From that point on, the Bullpen pitched as close to flawless as I have seen all year. The Dbacks still trailed 9-11 going into the 8th inning. Gerardo Parra came in to score and Tony Abreu singled to left to score Stephen Drew tying the game. The way the Dbacks were pitching you could smell extra innings coming unless someone from the Diamondbacks could end it.

I was a bit premature with homerun thoughts but eventually in the 10th Kelly Johnson hit a strike to deep right putting the Dbacks ahead and ultimately leading us to a needed victory. Another series win to put under our belt. Even though we have been a bit streaky as of late we have been able to gather up some significant victories series wise. Last weekend’s series win over the Phillies and this week’s win should be the proof for the rest of the league to see that we can hold our own against top competition. The Rockies are nearly unbeatable at home. (I thought I should mention).

We have the Cubs next out in Wrigley Field, Let’s Go Dbacks!!!