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Oh My! People Showed Up to Watch Dbacks-Cubs Despite Arizona Illegal Immigration Law

By Scott Allen

Official attendance at the Arizona DiamondbacksChicago Cubs game today: 36,850, which is almost 90 percent full for Wrigley Field in Chicago.

Hmmm…where were all the boycotters?  Sure, there were protesters outside Wrigley on Thursday, but it sure didn’t keep people away.  Maybe that’s because smart people realize boycotting a Dbacks-Cubs game is not the way to get your voice heard.

The Dbacks treated the Cubs to a 13-5 thrashing, thanks to a 4 for 5 day at the plate for Dbacks second baseman Kelly Johnson, which included his NL leading ninth homer of the season.  First Baseman Adam Laroche added two home runs and five RBI and the Dbacks continued to roll offensively.

Dbacks pitcher Ian Kennedy pitched a strong game, his only blip an eighth inning grand slam by Cubs outfielder Kosuke Fukudome.  It meant nothing as the Dbacks were already holding a 13-1 lead at the time.

Outside the park, a mostly peaceful protest of the new Arizona Illegal Immigration Law took place.  There was one loud gentleman who screamed back to them not to boycott baseball.  Whether a Dbacks or Cubs fan, he was right.  You shouldn’t boycott baseball.  Some have countered my stance by saying any boycott would hurt the Dbacks because of revenue sharing.  Please.  People will still come or not come to games for their own reasons.  You have no way of determining if a ridiculous law in Arizona has anything to do with it.  You want to make a difference?  you want your voice heard?  Go write a letter to Major League Baseball and Commissioner Bud Selig.  Go talk to your congressmen.  It’s America and you have the right to protest.  I just don’t understand why people choose to waste their right by going about it in the wrong way.

Going in the right way now is the Dbacks.  They are back to .500 and getting some wins in Chicago will go a long way in getting this season jump started only three and a half weeks in.

Scott Allen