Diamondbacks News

Road Trip Ends on High Note

By Scott Allen

Well, after the Arizona Diamondbacks offense took the last couple of nights off, the got back on track Thursday night, defeating the Houston Astros 6-3 for a three games to one series win.

We saw some very positive things in Houston from both pitching and offense.  Forget that it’s Houston and let’s just focus on the fact the Dbacks ended their 11-game trip with a 6-5 record.  I’ll take it.

What did we see in Houston?

  • Chris Young continues to be hot.  He is now hitting .306.  He also had his 25th RBI of the season tonight.
  • Dan Haren found the right track.  He got his first complete game of the season and nine strikeouts this evening.
  • Tony Abreu continues to impress.  Given a chance tgo spell Stephen Drew tonight, he went 4-5 with an RBI.
  • Ian Kennedy had an outstanding start on Tuesday.  He went 6.2 innings and could have gone longer if not for the high pitch count.
  • Kelly Johnson continued his hot start to the season.  He went 2-4 Thursday night, including his 10th home run of the season.
  • Chad Qualls even deserves mention for his one inning of relief on Tuesday night and getting the save.

Now it’s time to come home and face the Milwaukee Brewers and Los Angeles Dodgers.  The Dbacks must take care of business at home if they want to make any ground on division leader San Diego.

Scott Allen