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Dbacks Blown Out but it Could be Worse

By Scott Allen

Same story, different day.

The Arizona Diamondbacks as a pitching staff, collectively, both from the starter Cesar Valdez and the bullpen, as usual, got rocked and hard.  With tonight’s 17-3 loss to the Milwaukee Brewers, the Dbacks are now within one run of the Pittsburgh Pirates of giving up the most runs in the major leagues.  In 31 games, the Dbacks have given up 183 runs, which is 5.9 runs per game.  They are on pace to give up 956 runs for the season.  My friends, that is a lot of runs.  A lot!

After a 6-5 road trip, many thought this could be the time to turn things around and get it going with a six-game homestand.  Not so much.  After the Brewers won Friday night 3-2, tonight was a no doubter.

No matter how bad it is right now, let’s consider these points….

At least we don’t have Eric Byrnes.  He was just released after going 3-32 to start the season in Seattle.  He now plays professional softball.  One could accuse the Dbacks of playing softball right now.

Ozzie Guillen isn’t our manager.  I know A.J. Hinch hasn’t done a lot to write home about, but at least we have someone who can prove his United States legal citizenship in Arizona.  What?  You think Guillen, current Chicago White Sox manager, wants to boycott Arizona for other reasons?  Sure.

The Dbacks could be the San Antonio Spurs.  The Spurs season could end on Sunday.  No need to worry about that over at Chase Field.  The season was over April 5th for the team in Sedona Red.

The Dbacks could be actor Bradley Cooper, who had his underwear stolen.  No one can accuse the Dbacks of stealing anything, not signs, not bases, just our hearts.

Word is Comedy Central is considering launching a series titled “JC”, short for Jesus Christ.  Yes fans, it appears even Jesus Christ has a sense of humor.  Don’t worry though, he’s not laughing at the Dbacks.  That’s me you hear, laughing at myself for still putting up with this team.

It’s going to be a long summer folks.

Scott Allen