Diamondbacks News

Stange Sent Down, Call Up Rosa

By Scott Allen

Well, let the changes begin.  Daniel Stange, who has a blistering 13.50 ERA in four appearances, was sent back to AAA Reno today and newly acquired Carlos Rosa, from the Kansas City Royals, was called up.  Rosa will give the Arizona Diamondbacks a fresh body in the bullpen.  It may not and probably won’t be, the cure all, but changes had to be made and I’m glad it started with the guy with the highest bullpen ERA.

Stange, who I have better names for, but withhold them out of respect, was phenomenal last night.  All he did was face five batters against the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Want to know his line?  Two hits, three walks, three runs, all earned.  Like I said, Phenomenal!

Let’s hope Rosa can at least record an out in his first appearance.  At least it would be a step in the right direction.