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Next! Please Step Up to the Mound

By Scott Allen

We are just under two hours from the next installment of “As The Bullpen Churns Your Stomach”.

Of course we all know the outcome of tonight’s game, but just as the Arizona Diamondbacks live to play another game, I live another day to talk about it.  After their seventh loss in a row last night, six of them attributed to the bullpen, the Dbacks prepare to take the field once again tonight against the Atlanta Braves.

I joined the Facebook group ‘Fire A.J. Hinch‘ today, but calls to blame Hinch for last night’s latest bullpen failure are unfounded.  Hinch, who will most likely be the fall guy for all of this mess once it is said and done, some of it his fault and some not, had no choice but to remove starter Ian Kennedy last night.  Kennedy had pitched solid yet once again, but clearly was growing tired and needed to be replaced.  People were complaining about bringing in Juan Gutierrez.  Well, who would you like him to bring in?  Augie OjedaCole Gillespie?  Well, maybe not a bad idea to try, but seriously, it doesn’t matter who gets called in.  You can see the disaster coming no matter who gets called to step on the mound.  It’s like the movie Independence Day.  You can do all you try to stop the impending disaster, but as with New York, Los Angeles and dozens of other cities, they ultimately get destroyed, no matter what is thrown to defend them.

So, tonight, the 37th episode.  Unfortunately there are still 125 left after tonight.  Oh the joy!

Scott Allen