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How-ry Stayed This Long is Beyond Me

By Scott Allen

It’s over!  The Bob Howry experiment has ended.  It was like a recurring nightmare everytime he went to the mound and now that is one less headache around in the Arizona Diamondbacks bullpen.  Bob Howry has been given his unconditional release.

The free-agent pitcher was signed in the off-season to help shore up the bullpen, mainly because of his durablity.  On Sunday, he was durable alright, enough to not record a single out in his relief stint as part of a 13-1 loss to the Atlanta Braves.

To replace Howry, the Dbacks sent a pile of cash, probably like $11.65, to the Cleveland Indians for AAA pitcher Saul Rivera.  Hey, it’s a move.  Last week I confided that I didn’t care who they got, as long as it was someone else.  Well, we got someone else.  Give him a shot.  if that doesn’t work out, the Dbacks should consider a promotion during an upcoming home stand to let someone from the stands come and pitch and inning, no experience necessary.

I don’t know though.  It’s not a good sign when a team is willing to give you up for “cash considerations.”  What’s to consider?  If he pitches like crap like everyone else in Arizona, does Arizona then get the right to ask for a discount?  If he pitches lights out, does Arizona consider changing their telephone number and make the Indians send a debt collector?  All I know is, what’s the going rate for a washed up reliever trying to make his way back up to the bigs?  I guess we’ll find out.  Maybe as soon as tonight against the Florida Marlins.  Yipeee!!

Scott Allen