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Diamondbacks Start New Homestand

By Scott Allen

So the Arizona Diamondbacks went 0-6 in their last home stand.  Tonight, they start a brief five game tease at Chase Field against the San Francisco Giants.  The Giants are here for two games.  Friday, the Toronto Blue Jays come to town for three.

Ian Kennedy takes the mound tonight.  He’s been solid, more so, much more so than Dan Haren, so I consider him the ace right now.  Kennedy has a 3.58 ERA.  Haren’s is 4.83.

Hopefully the bullpen won’t make an appearance.  Even the new guys are stinking up the place.  Saul Rivera.  Bust.  Carlos Rosa.  Bust.  The “older” guys, no better.  I’m praying for a complete game by Kennedy.  However, we know Dbacks manager A.J. Hinch won’t let that happen.  He doesn’t like complete games and this was 1985, Kennedy would be completing every game.  Unfortunately it’s 2010 though and quickly feeling like 2004.  We all know what happened in 2004 when the Dbacks gave up in early June and finished 51-111.  Good times!  Let’s win one this trip home boys!

Scott Allen