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Like it or Not, Here Comes Interleague Play

By Scott Allen

Among those that consider themselves baseball’s purist, interleague play is a dirty word.  To put it simply, they don’t like it.  Among others, interleague play is the next best thing since sliced bread.  Some can’t get enough of it.  A lot of people in Arizona love the fact the New York Yankees are coming in June.  That’s because their team was so great and New York such a great place, they left it to come here.

This weekend the Arizona Diamondbacks are hosting the Toronto Blue Jays.  The series doesn’t scream come watch.  Especially the way the Dbacks have played so far this season, there may be better things to do with your time.  The Dbacks come in riding a two-game winning streak, so buyer beware.  They haven’t won more than two in a row all season.

It the Blue Jays, but it gives us a chance to see a team we aren’t used to seeing.  I see both sides of the argument on interleague play.  I say it’s good because it does put more fans in the seats (at least that’s part of MLB’s intent in having interleague play).  It gives you a look at a fresh opponent.  However, what it also does is, to an extent, ruin the  mystique of  the World Series.  The World Series used to be the only time you would see an AL opponent outside of spring training.  However, don’t look for a Dbacks-Blue Jays World Series.  The only think you might be looking for is the remote after the sixth inning when the bullpen takes over.

Regardless of how you fell about interleague, it’s here and here to stay.  So, embrace it.

Scott Allen