Diamondbacks News

Don’t Pinch Yourself, it Really is a Dbacks Win Streak

By Scott Allen

The Arizona Diamondbacks were so bad, zero wins bad, in their last home stand, going zero for six in wins, it made us yearn for the Dbacks to get back out on the road.  If home was going to be this nice to the home team, who needs home?  Hotels and life on the road sounded better, at least at the time.

Now, back for their second May home stand, this time around, it’s a whole lot different.  After defeating the Toronto Blue Jays 8-5 on Saturday night, the Dbacks are 4-0 so far on this short five game home stand.  Even if they end up losing on Sunday, it still is a much better 4-1 stay at home.  Either way, it’s nice to see.

Now, with the exception of the first game of the stand against the San Francisco Giants, each of the past three games, the Dbacks have taken huge leads only to watch them almost blow those leads and leave fans wondering when it will implode as it has many times this season already.  The offense though, has provided enough power to overcome the shortcomings of the pitching staff, starters and relievers alike.

For Sunday though, Dbacks pitchers please listen up.  Don’t pitch to Edwin Encarnacion.  He’s hit four homers already in the first two games of the series.  Just give him four balls each time up tomorrow.

Scott Allen