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Dbacks Have Interest in the D-Train

By Scott Allen

Dontrelle WillisThe “D” Train. His 2010 record?  He is 2-8 with a 6.86 ERA.  So of course the Arizona Diamondbacks have interest in him.

Sure, this would have been a good pick up like seven years ago.  Someone better please explain to me how, and you’ll have to do a lot of convincing, if this rumor is true, makes this team any better?  The Dbacks have to be looking at him as a fifth starter.  If not relief.  However if he is destined as a left hand arm in the Dbacks bullpen, then this certainly doesn’t help things.  The bullpen is already well on its way to having the highest ERA of any bullpen – ever.

Granted, the fifth starters have not been much to write home about either.  Billy Buckner was the latest try.  He failed.  Miserably.  A couple of weeks ago I said the Dbacks need to try anyone to fix things.  When I said anyone, I meant anyone who already hasn’t proven failure in a major league uniform this season.

I suppose he can’t make them any worse, but with Willis, you know what you are getting and right now you aren’t getting anything special.  The Dbacks should pass on this move.  Then again, Josh Byrnes is still running things in the GM’s office, so it’ll probably happen.

Scott Allen