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Changes Coming Soon For Diamondbacks

By Scott Allen

Whether you believe them or not, when Arizona Diamondbacks managing partner Ken Kendrick and Diamondbacks President Derek Hall spoke the past couple of days about the state of the team and changes needed to be made, you felt like it was about time.  About time someone came out and at least said something.

That something though had better turn into reality and not just make them empty words.  Something has to give and someone or multiple someones have to go.  Plain and simple.  The reality of it is, even if the Dbacks go out and win a few games on this homestand it doesn’t change anything.  This team isn’t going to be fixed with just some wins.  This team has proven it is in need of some major repairs.  For the long haul, changes are necessary.  Some wins only place a band-aid on the present.  This team as it is now, will continue to lose more than it wins.

Reports are that pretty much everyone is touchable when it comes to trades.  Only Justin Upton, Ian Kennedy, and Jerrod Parker are considered untouchable according to a story from Nick Piecoro on azcentral.com.

I would like to see the Dbacks hang onto Adam Laroche and Kelly Johnson, two guys who might have higher trade value.  They’ve each made some nice contributions to the team this season so far.  As much as I love Dan Haren, now might be the time to move him.  He threw a nice game the other night.  Although he’s given up home runs at an alarming rate so far this season, a change of scenery might be the best thing for him.  Don’t get me wrong, if Haren stays, that is just fine by me too.  Give him a supporting cast though that can consistently score runs and most importantly a bullpen that can back him up.

I would not be surprised to see changes, at least a couple, within the next week.  I have a feeling the Dbacks aren’t going to wait to long to get this new rodeo started.

Scott Allen