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Juan Gutierrez Still in Dbacks Uniform

By Scott Allen

Every day passes and still I see reliever Juan Gutierrez part of this Arizona Diamondbacks team.  Why?  Exactly how much heartache does this guy need to provide Dbacks fans?  Just cut him loose already!  He isn’t worth much on the trade market, so sometimes you just need to know when to cut your losses.

I realize the Dbacks don’t have many better options, but there are other options.  Gutierrez came into tonight’s game against the Atlanta Braves and gave up another run as the Dbacks lost 7-5.  His ERA is now a staggering 10.24.  Really no one better than 10.24 you can bring up?  No free-agent that is just yearning to get back in the game?

The Gutierrez project must end and must end immediately.  It’s sad my first reaction everytime I see him come in is to turn the channel.  It’s because I know the outcome.  I turned it off after the bottom of the eighth because I knew he’d be coming in and would give up another run or more.  He did.  He certainly did not disappoint.

Please management – end our Juan Gutierrez misery – NOW!