Diamondbacks News

A Predictable Road Trip

By Scott Allen

The Arizona Diamondbacks went out and did just what many of us expected them to do, lie down and lose more than they won.  After today’s 3-1 loss to Max Scherzer and the Detroit Tigers, the Dbacks finished up their six-game road trip 1-5.  They even tried to blow the one game they won, but the Tigers ran out of outs on Saturday night.  Starter Ian Kennedy looked for awhile today as if he would help the Dbacks win their second game of the trip.  He gave up two home runs in the 7th inning though and that was that.

This is a tough stretch as we expected it would be.  However, the Dbacks had the lead or were tied in every game on this trip.  So they had their chances.  Starting pitching had its woes, so did the offense.  Oh, and so did Chad Qualls, who amazingly still has a job with this team.  Mark Reynolds came out of this strikeout funk long enough to hit a two-run homer on Saturday to help the Dbacks win, but he went right back to his old ways on Sunday.

Now, the Dbacks come home for a three-game homestand against the New York Yankees.  Oh yippee!

For the record though, welcome back Miguel Montero!  You are a breath of fresh air for this struggling offense.  Hopefully this team can get something going in the next three nights.  Please, just act like you care and give yourselves a fighting chance guys!