Diamondbacks News

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

By Scott Allen

Just about as bad as I expected this evening.  The horrible Arizona Diamondbacks bullpen continues not to disappoint.  Tonight’s winners:  Esmerling Vasquez and Chad Qualls.  Please explain to me how in the world these two STILL have major league jobs??  They combined to give up six runs in the eighth inning to blow any chance the Dbacks had at catching the New York Yankees in their 9-3 loss this evening.

I realize as long as they are both on the team, there aren’t many other options out of the bullpen, but why are they still on this team is WAY beyond me.  Worst bullpen ERA ever in the modern era right now.  No opinion there – just plain fact baby!

Dan Haren, who was roughed up early with an Alex Rodriguez two-run homer, calmed down and actually pitched a good game.  He also had the only two RBI of the game as well, extending his hitting streak to six games.  So, count this as one more call for the demolition of this bullpen, especially Qualls, Vasquez, and Juan Gutierrez.

We’ll see what happens tomorrow night, but so much for all those people who thought last night was the start of something good.  All last night did is give us a 24 hour break from this 162 game nightmare of a season.

Tonight we saw some good, some bad, and lots of ugly.

The good:

Dan Haren – clearly a good night after the first inning.  When your starting pitcher is the best hitter for the offense that evening, you have issues

The bad:

Dbacks Offense – they disappeared after showing up last evening.  Only Dan Haren did any damage.

The ugly:

Who else, the Dbacks bullpen.  Chad Qualls and Esmerling Vasquez teamed up to hand the game to the Yankees in the eighth inning.  Another wonderful effort from the dynamic duo.  I hear Wal-Mart is hiring.  Send them there.