Diamondbacks News

Two-Week Stretch About as Tough as Expected

By Scott Allen

When this current stretch of games began last week in Boston, predictions ranged from 8-4 to 4-8 and beyond for the Arizona Diamondbacks during this 12 game stretch.  Personally, I predicted 2-10.  If they get swept in Tampa Bay this weekend, then that prediction will come true.

It’s not that I wanted to see the Dbacks perform poorly, it’s just their ineptness has become so predictable and boring.  Blowing leads and starting slow both have done them in in their 7 losses over the past 9 games.  In other words, consistent in losing, but not consistent in the manner in which the lose.  Much can be said for the entire season.

After only winning one game this week against the Yankees, things don’t expect to get any easier against the Tampa Bay Rays.  Like Boston and New York, the Rays are in a dogfight for first in the AL East.  The only thing the Dbacks are fighting are themselves.  Don’t get your hopes up too high for much out of the usual for the Dbacks this weekend.

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