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Edwin Jackson NL Player of the Week

By Scott Allen

So that’s all it takes to get NL Player of the Week.  Just get a no-hitter and you’re a shoe-in, right?

Well, that’s what helped Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Edwin Jackson become this past weeks NL Player of the Week.  Jackson pitched the no-hitter in his only start last week.  As you remember, although Jackson gave up eight walks, tied for third most during a no-hitter, he calmed down after seven of those came in the first three innings.  It was Jackson’s first career no-no.

Hey, as long as the Dbacks won, and Tampa didn’t score, he did his job.  The number of walks this team has given up is whole other issue.  Right now, let’s give Jackson his props.  Don’t be surprised to see him get lit up in his next trip to the mound.  Isn’t that the way things usually balance out?