Diamondbacks News

Way Number 495 to Lose a Baseball Game

By Scott Allen

I’ve given up.

Given up reasons to describe the amount of different ways the Arizona Diamondbacks have lost a game this season.  Add another way this evening in St. Louis.  Two errors, one by closer Aaron Heilman, the other by Adam Laroche, did the Dbacks in, losing to the St. Louis Cardinals 6-5. It grows more and more tiresome each and every day.  What needs to be done is implode this team – now!  How much can a fan take?

In the post-game interview on Fox Sports Arizona, St. Louis second baseman Skip Schumaker said about the two ninth inning errors just about said it all.

"“You don’t see those type of mistakes at the major league level”."

Yeah you know why you don’t?  Because real teams don’t commit those types of errors.  The Dbacks are playing like a bunch of 5th graders.  Just ridiculous how they keep losing games like this.

Randy Winn can get a sigh of relief.  Mark Reynolds hit a 2 run homer in the eighth inning, thanks to the glove of Randy Winn, making Winn appear to be the goat of the game, until the Arizona defense took over in the ninth.

Just waiting for the fire sale now.  I’d rather watch nine minor leaguers act like major leaguers than nine major leaguers act like little leaguers.

My favorite quote of the night though from our ridiculous manager.

"“I feel like this one was taken away” – A. J. Hinch"

No sir, you gave this one away.  I just wish someone would take YOU away.