Diamondbacks News

Enright is Alright for the Win

By Scott Allen

Meet Barry Enright.

He’s the newest addition to the Arizona Diamondbacks.  He made his Major League Baseball debut on Wednesday, leading the Dbacks to a 4-2 victory over the St. Louis Cardinals.

Enright pitched five innings and had four walks and five strikeouts.  I see he’s been paying attention.  He is joining in the walk fest the Dbacks seem to be enthralled with. It’s a serviceable first start and most definitely a better outing than Dontrelle Willis last evening, the man he replaced in the rotation.  Today was supposed to be Edwin Jackson’s day to pitch, however he was held back until Friday due to the high pitch count of 149 pitches Friday in his no-hitter. Willis has been moved to the bullpen.  Carlos Rosa was the odd man out in the bullpen and sent back to AAA Reno.

The Dbacks return home for a three game series against the Los Angeles Dodgers, followed by three game series against the Chicago Cubs and then Florida Marlins before the All-Star break.  Maybe this will be a chance to rack up some wins.   Ok ok, I was laughing as much as you were there.  I crack myself up.