Diamondbacks News

Freedom Has New Meaning for Dbacks Fans This Fourth of July

By Scott Allen

Happy Independence Day Arizona Diamondbacks fans!

When former Dbacks manager A.J. Hinch and general manager Josh Byrnes were relieved of their duties this past Thursday evening, not only where they given their freedom from the team, we, as fans, were given freedom as well.

We’ve been give freedom from the following:

  • Free of emotion-less losses
  • Free of no agreesiveness
  • Free of poor communication
  • Free of a beatin’ around the bush general manager who could never give us a straight answer
  • Free from the daily call for the firing of the one or both of them
  • Free of consistent poor decision making (trust me, interim Kirk Gibson and general manager Jerry Dipoto will make moves that will scratch your head)

We are now free to breathe a little easier.  I know Gibson wasn’t everyone’s first choice as manager, however let’s not forget he’s a guy that’s been on the bench for three years now.  He knows this team.  He knows the players.  He knows how to play hard.  He knows how to communicate.  He said it best yesterday when he said he won’t be aggressive for the sake of being aggressive.  You got to know what to do and when to do it.  Point well said.  Last night he told Tony Abreu, who committed three errors in last night’s 14-1 loss to the Los Angeles Dodgers, to shake it off, he (Gibson) has had worse games than that.  Now THAT is a man who is looking out for his players and knows what to say.

Enjoy your holiday everyone!