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Yankees Owner George Steinbrenner Dies

By Scott Allen

The end of an era.  New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner died this morning after a massive heart attack in his hom in Tampa, Florida this morning.  He was 80 years old. 

Not a good week for Yankees fans.  This follows the death of longtime Yankees public address announcer Bob Sheppard’s death at the age of 99 this past Sunday.  Now this. 

He dies on the morning of the MLB All-Star Game of all days.  I would expect some kind of tribute this evening.  I’ve never been  a Yankees fan and to me they are one of the most hated franchises in all of sports, but no one deserves to go through what Yankees fans and the organization has had to endure over the past couple of days. 

Just one message to Mr. Steinbrenner – remember that God calls the shots up there.  He is the real boss, however you did just fine with all your championships with your time on Earth.  RIP.