Diamondbacks News

Dbacks Start Second Half Right Where They Left Off

By Scott Allen

Yeah, that’s about what I expected tonight against the San Diego Padres.

The Arizona Diamondbacks are getting clobbered.  Again.  Currently they are well on their way to another loss.  It’s 8-1 in the eighth inning.  Starter Dan Haren fell apart in the fourth inning.  I’ve noticed a trend with him.  Once he gives up a couple of hits, he can’t seem to stop the bleeding.  That has happened several times to him this season.  After cruising for the most part through the first three innings, he gave up a double to the Padres’ David Eckstein.  Then Adrian Gonzalez came up and deposited a ball into the left field stands.  Game over.

It’s sad when you know a game is over in the fourth inning of a 2-1 ball game.  However, this Dbacks team has proven time and time again, when things go against them, it’s like a free fall.  They lose interest, they lose passion, they just plain lose.  It sounds like a broken record, I know.  What else is there to say though?  I’ve almost, almost, run out of adjectives to describe this team’s play. The only surprises left this season are how much they will lose each game by and in what fashion?

No doubt the Dbacks will find their way to Petco Park again tomorrow night, but one has to wonder, if the team bus didn’t pick them up at their hotel, would they care to find an alternative to getting to the park or would they just go back to their rooms?  Clearly tonight, they left their hearts there.