Diamondbacks News

Another Day, Another Loss

By Scott Allen

You know, a day without an Arizona Diamondbacks loss is like a day without sunshine, so this time of year, that pretty much means every day.  So, include today as yet another one of those days.

The Dbacks lost another “squeaker” 8-5.  The San Diego Padres had an answer for every run the Dbacks scored and then some.  Every time the Dbacks crossed the plate, they gave up at least one in the next at-bat.  Same story, different day.  20 runs given up in two days.

Interim manager Kirk Gibson is now 3-9 since taking over the managing duties on July 1st.  So, still think the manager was the issue?  Well, I’m glad A.J. Hinch is gone, don’t get me wrong, but clearly he wasn’t the big problem with this team.  The big problem is pitching.  Starting, bullpen, whatever, take your pick.  It all sucks.  Team can’t hit when they pitch, can’t pitch when they hit.  That about sums it all up.

So, I figure the next win for this team should come around 2011 or 2012.  Just waiting for the fire sale.  Only problem is, who wants to buy this group of rejects?

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