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Dbacks Bring Circus Act Back Home Against Mets

By Scott Allen

Thank God for the Pittsburgh Pirates and Baltimore Orioles.

If it weren’t for those two teams, the Arizona Diamondbacks would be the worst team in the majors.  As it stands now though, they are sure playing like it.  Tonight, they come home to start a seven-game home stand against the New York Mets.

The Dbacks were outscored 26-10 this weekend against the San Diego Padres.  I wouldn’t look for things to get much better against the Mets.  The Mets are currently sitting in second place in the NL East, five games behind the Atlanta Braves.

One of the Mets fan blogs, The Mets Gazette, interviewed me for their “Rapid Five” piece they do.  Click on the link to read the questions and answers.

Dbacks need a win a bad way, it will be tough though against such a quality opponent.