The Real Edwin Jackson

By Scott Allen

Yesterday I had the chance to meet Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Edwin Jackson in a meet and greet prior to the Dbacks 14-inning win and series sweep over the New York Mets 4-3.  I had the chance to ask him a couple of questions in our limited time with him.  He spent a good portion of the session talking about what everyone wants to talk about with him these days, his no-hitter against the Tampa Bay Rays on June 25th.

I asked him at what point during the game did he know the no-hitter was a possibility.

""(not until) the ninth inning""

Very down to Earth Jackson is.  He came from Georgia.  He said both his parents were at his no-hitter.  He mentioned that the whole thing for a couple of days was quite surreal to him.  It really didn't hit him for a day or two on what had really taken place.

The topic of him converting from an outfielder to a pitcher when he started pro ball came up.  Someone asked him about his opportunity to hit in the National League and if he was jealous of Dan Haren's good year at the plate, more pointing to competition amongst the pitchers.  He said it is fun to have the competition and he agreed he thought, like most of us, Haren's bases loaded long fly ball a couple of weeks ago was destined to be a home run. I reminded him that he too hit a home run earlier in the season against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

""I got lucky.  I closed my eyes.""

Lucky or not, Jackson is happy where he is and it shows.