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Rumors Running Wild on Haren; Yankees Front-Runners

By Scott Allen

As much as I thought several days ago that Dan Haren was definitely staying in Arizona, now it appears he has one foot out the door with the other only needing a slight push.

Rumors have the New York Yankees dealing for the right-handed Arizona Diamondbacks ace. The Yankees failed to get Cliff Lee earlier this month, now they’re apparently glued with both eyes on Haren. Other teams appears to be front-runners earlier this week and last such as the St. Louis Cardinals and Detroit Tigers, however the Tigers are one of Haren’s no-trade clause teams.

I have to be honest, I’m a little surprised there are a number of teams interested in Haren, at least right now, given the way he’s performed this season to date. Haren isn’t exactly blowing people away. it is what it is and I’m disappointed the Dbacks are willing to part with Haren. Haren can still help be part of this team’s re-building future.

Stay tuned. This story seems to be changing by the hour.