Diamondbacks News

Qualls Biding His Time

By Scott Allen

Just waiting.

Sitting here waiting for the Arizona Diamondbacks to finally realize what a waste of space Chad Qualls has become.    He gave up another three runs on Saturday night in the 10-4 loss to the San Francisco Giants.  He recorded two whopping outs.  He got lucky.

You can't trade him and you can't send him to the minors.  Leaving him on the bench and not playing him uses up a roster spot.  Something must be finally done about him.  How many times do you throw him out there to "work through things"?  It's getting tiresome for many.  If it is for the Dbacks, they sure aren't acting like it.  Maybe it is about time.

I understand Qualls wants to do better, be better.  He isn't getting any better though.  It's time to dump him and bring in a younger arm.  Give someone from the minors a chance.  Doesn't matter who.  Fact is, Qualls is done, at least here.  I can't imagine him helping anyone else out right now either.  Best thing for him may be to get away from the game, at least for this season, start anew somewhere else next season.  All I know is, it ain't working here.

For all of us Dbacks management, do the right thing.  Please.