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Andre Dawson Part of Hall of Fame Induction Today

By Scott Allen

Andre Dawson, manager Whitey Herzog, and umpire Doug Harvey are all poised to enter the National Baseball Hall of Fame today. Congratulations to all.

Dawson, "the Hawk", who played for the Montreal Expos, Chicago Cubs, Boston Red Sox, and Florida Marlins, will always be remembered by myself for his time in the north side of Chicago. As a Cubs fan growing up, I loved watching Dawson come up to the plate with literally a chance to hit one out of the park every time he came to the plate. He was a member of the Cubs from 1987-1992. His best season in Chicago was his first in '87. He hit 49 home runs that season en route to an MVP award.

The MVP award was slightly controversial because he played on a last place team. The thought was, if he was so valuable, then how come the team finished last? You couldn't ignore the numbers though. In addition to the home runs, he had 137 RBI. He batted .287, which for a power hitter with those types of numbers, was fantastic. I was all for the award, not because he was a Chicago Cub, however because he deserved it, on a losing team or not.

Ironically, his worst season as a Cub came in 1989 when they won the NL East. He still hit .252 and 21 home runs that season. Of course many will remember him from his days as an Expo and rightfully so, but what I would give to see Dawson in a Cubs uniform one more time and hit one out to Waveland Avenue.