Diamondbacks News

Haren Trade Raises Questions

By Scott Allen

When it was announced that Dan Haren was traded to the Los Angeles Angels this afternoon for Joe Saunders, Patrick Corbin, and Rafael Rodriguez, I knew only one thing – this was a pure salary dump.  This was a financial move no matter how you spin it.  Ok, sure, the Dbacks will tell you they got a lefty in Saunders and that there is a top prospect to be named later and a guy in Rodriguez that can help you in relief now.  That’s what they will tell you publicly.  Privately they will tell you something completely different.

The Dbacks dump a lot of salary to save themselves some, hopefully for next season.  Will they spend it though?  If they don’t, they will run the risk of alienating even more fans than they did with today’s trade.  I could literally hear the air come out of the baseball tires in this city.  I don’t know what else to expect the rest of this week before next Sunday’s trade deadline, I honestly don’t?  I still thought there was a chance up until this afternoon that Haren would stay here.  That’s just me being naive though.  I wish they would address the dead weight on this team.  I mean the physical kind too, not the financial kind.  Dumping salary won’t put more rear ends in those seats, I guarantee that.

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