Diamondbacks News

Saunders Treated to Another Diamondbacks Special

By Scott Allen

Newly acquired pitcher Joe Saunders got to take the mound on Thursday night in Philadelphia.  His first start ended just like the previous six games had for the Arizona Diamondbacks – a loss.  He received the same special the Dbacks consistently served up for the departed Dan Haren – no or little run support.  Once again the Dbacks left their bats at the hotel.

This evening it was lost in extra innings.  The Phillies won 3-2.  At least the Dbacks fought tonight and didn;t give up, but clearly this is a team destined for 100 losses or more.  They can’t buy a break.  After Gerrardo Parra ruined a ninth-inning rally with a double play, he threw his helmet down in disgust at himself.  First base umpire Adrian Johnson immediately threw him out of the game, thinking he was mad at the call and directing his disgust at him.  Clearly he wasn’t upset with the call, just himself, but Johnson felt otherwise and tossed him.  That’s just the way things have gone for the hapless Dbacks this season.

The Dbacks have now lost seven in a row and head to New York to play the Mets.  The Dbacks swept the Mets last week and you can be sure they haven’t forgotten and will be looking for some home revenge.  On to number eight!