Diamondbacks News

So Long to Jackson, More Possibly On Way Out

By Scott Allen

Edwin Jackson was traded to the Chicago White Sox today.  He was traded for pitcher Dan Hudson and prospect David Holmberg.  The Arizona Diamondbacks may not be done wheeling and dealing either with the trade deadline looming on Saturday.

Jackson was a little disappointing while he was here.  He never got a consistent win track going, however I am somewhat disappointed that the Dbacks gave up on him so quickly.  Once again, this appears to be nothing other than a salary dump.  The salary dump is supposedly to get better for the future and spend money for future years.  until the Dbacks prove they want to spend it, fans will continue to see right through the Dbacks and see them for what they are, a troubled franchise will no real direction.

The fun may not be over either. Rumors are hot and heavy Chris Snyder may be dealt to Pittsburgh on Saturday.  As much as it has been frustrating to watch Snyder hit, I would like to see him get an everyday chance somewhere else.  He is a great defensive catcher.

The other trade rumor involves Chad Qualls.  For the life of me, I don’t understand how other teams can be interested in a guy with an ERA over 8.00?  The Rockies and Yankees seem to be the most interested.   As far as I am concerned, Qualls can be traded for a bag of peanuts and bucket of balls.  In fact, that might be too steep an asking price.  Just give him away for $1.  Unfortunately we can’t give him away for nothing thanks to the Collective Bargaining Agreement.