Diamondbacks News

With Disappointment Has Come Some Successes

By Scott Allen

As much as we harp on the Arizona Diamondbacks for all their disappointments on the field, on the bench, and in the front office this season, there have been some successes as well.  Chris Young is hitting well and running well, so much so that he should be considered for comeback player of the year.  Young is running the bases like he was back in 2007.

Another success has been Kelly Johnson.  He has provided more offensively with his 17 home runs and 52 RBI’s at this point than anyone, including yours truly ever expected him to do.  That may be the reason the Dbacks just couldn’t part with him at the trade deadline.

The you have Justin Upton.  Sure he strikes out, a lot.  Hitting .278, sure his power numbers aren’t what some may have expected, but he is hitting and hitting consistently.  He just came off a 17-game hitting streak.  Oh, and don’t forget the Superman-like arm in right field either.

Quietly coming on as well are Adam Laroche and Stephen Drew.  We might make a team out of this group after all.  Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves just yet, they are, after all, still 27 games under .500.

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