Looking Ahead to 2011 Starting Rotation

By Scott Allen

With the recent additions of Barry Enright, Daniel Hudson, and Joe Saunders, there are number of new possibilities for the Arizona Diamondbacks 2011 starting rotation.  Just a month and a half ago, none of these guys were on this roster.  All three have had their moments as member of the Dbacks rotation.

When this season started with Dan Haren, Edwin Jackson, Ian Kennedy, Rodrigo Lopez, and Billy Buckner as the five man rotation, many weren’t sure what they would see.  I can tell you though that many, including me, didn’t expect only two of those guys to be left on the team and I can sure tell you Lopez and Kennedy wouldn’t have been the two people I guessed would be left of those five.

Enright, who came up at the end of June, hasn’t had a bad outing yet.  Only his second start could be considered questionable.  He has been a joy to watch pitch for the most part.  He should fight for a spot in next season’s rotation.

Saunders has had a good career to this point.  This season, not so good.  His first two starts in Arizona were pretty good.  His last couple of outings have left a lot to be desired.

Hudson has been the most pleasant surprise.  He has only had one bad inning since being traded from the Chicago White Sox.

With this season gone, clearly I can’t wait for spring training now and hopefully getting a full season of Enright and Hudson and whoever else wants to step up.

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