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Dbacks Disappoint Gibson

By Scott Allen

After last night’s game, interim manager Kirk Gibson was disappointed in the Arizona Diamondbacks play in their 6-2 loss to the Cincinnati Reds.  This was a game in which starter Daniel Hudson deserved a better fate.  He had another good outing.  he struck out 8 of the first 9 batters he faced.

Gibson, in post-game conference, said that the Dbacks played hard but not well.  As far as I am concerned Gibby, if the Dbacks don’t play well, then they aren’t playing hard.  If you are focused and not making consistent mistakes, then you are playing hard.  You can play hard and still lose.  I just don’t think last night was one of those instances.  Certain individuals played hard, but not the team.  How do you commit two errors, make two base running mistakes, and fail to move runners and consider it hard play?

I never thought I would see Gibby put the “spin” on things.  Sure he is straight shooter for the most part.  He did say they didn’t play well last night.  I just think he understated the fact.  You can’t score only two runs in the first and then rest on your laurels.  The Dbacks have done that time and time again this season, with or without Gibby running the show in the dugout.

The Dbacks will come out tonight and try it again.  I assume Gibby talked to the players he needed to talk to.  How much talking can you really do at this point?  Maybe in September when the even young guys come up from Reno and Mobile, he can teach these kids something.  Right now, there just isn’t any consistency.  The Reds are a playoff team and they are a world apart as a team from what the Dbacks are.  Who cares they hate everyone they play?