Diamondbacks News

Getting a Taste of the Hampton Inn

By Scott Allen

Time for another stop on the Mike Hampton career train.  Today’s stop, Arizona.

Ok, so the 15-year MLB pitcher isn’t coming right to Arizona because the Diamondbacks signed the 37-year old to a minor league deal.  He is going to report to Reno.

Ok, really?  How many injuries has this guy had?  He’s had more season-ending injuries than I can remember.  Why not right?  It won’t be the first washed up left-handed pitcher we’ve taken a flyer on this season.  Remember Dontrelle Willis?  Now, Hampton’s turn.  If he has any ounce of success in Reno, you can bet your bottom he will be in Arizona in September.

I just hope the Dbacks aren’t just picking these washed up pitchers for the sake of public relations.  It sure seemed to be that way with Willis.  Both he and Hampton were dominant pitchers at one point.  Hampton had his best years with the Houston Astros and Atlanta Braves.