Diamondbacks News

On the Road Again

By Scott Allen

Back out on the road again for the Arizona Diamondbacks.  Tonight’s stop.  San Diego Padres.

The road has been none too kind for the Dbacks this season.  We know that, however the road woes have to turn sometime right?  Well, I wouldn’t count on it for the rest of this season and the Dbacks play a lot of road games in September.

It’s a west coast swing the next six days against the Padres and the San Francisco Giants.  neither team they have fared all that great against this season.  Oh to be 1-0 and up on the Padres by one game again?  Remember those days?  Oh and Rodrigo Lopez is on the mound tonight.  Oh joy!

Lopez has been anything but spectacular this side of the All-Star break.  In fact, I wish we could just get a break from seeing Rodrigo Lopez pitch.  A nice, long, overdue, break.  He was a breath of fresh air when the season started and performed above expectations.  He has not fared well though.  He only has five wins in 25 starts.  He has given up 30 homers, which is more than one per start.

I can definitely imagine this rotation without Lopez next season.  Only question is, can the Arizona Diamondbacks?  Maybe with their September call ups they will get a look see at a couple of guys who could fill that role.  Look what they have found in Daniel Hudson since he joined the team?  Granted, they got him by trade, but he was in the minors most of this season.  Lopez probably doesn’t have many more shots to prove himself to the organization or to fans.  His start tonight may go a long way in not only determining his long-term future, but his short-term future as well.