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We Can Now All Re-Focus After Lindsay Lohan Release

By Scott Allen

It was fun while it lasted.  Until this evening, we had an issue as mesmerizing as the Lindsay Lohan rehab tail to take our minds off of Arizona Diamondbacks baseball.  Ok, now if we are all being honest, and I trust all Dbacks fans are, well, except for those scumbags that stole Luis Gonzalez bobbleheads from children everywhere, then you know you were more interested over the past couple of months in Lindsay Lohan.

The empty seats in Chase Field over the past couple of months don’t prove you were more interested in Lohan, however it does prove you were more interested in something else, right?  Why not the Lohan saga?  Hey, she’s getting released from Rehab tonight?  Did you know, or care?  Excited or more interested to see how long it takes for her to mis-step again?  You’re right, I can’t lie anymore.  Who cares!  Bad or good, I am definitely more interested in the Arizona Diamondbacks.  Not enough to go spend a gazillion dollars at Chase Field of course, let’s be real people.

With the Dbacks being in San Diego tonight, I can’t promise this game will be any more exciting than the others.  Sure the Padres have great pitching, but have an offense that makes you snore.  Add in the dimensions of Petco Park at night, then it gets even tougher for an offense.  SNORE!  No no, I didn’t say SNORT, people.  SNORE!!  Get your minds out of the gutter.  Lohan is a rehabilitated woman. Ok, I’ll buy that and a bet in Las Vegas the Dbacks will be a winner in 2011.

Hey, she did get released from UCLA!  Maybe she had time to get down to take in the game in San Diego?  Ok, maybe not.  Truth be told, it is an old story as far as I am concerned.  It is about as old as the Dbacks story is getting.  I’m afraid though, we’ll keep seeing and hearing more of the same from both.  Some things just never change.