Diamondbacks News

September Call-Ups on Horizon

By Scott Allen

The Arizona Diamondbacks September call-ups have actually started with the recall of Ryan Roberts.  Roberts hasn’t really blown anyone away yet.  Time will tell, but for now it just appears he is biding his time.  From spring training on, Roberts hasn’t looked at that great.  He was struggling in Reno before his latest call up.

All kinds of rumors as to who the Dbacks will call up.  Most likely it will include at least some of the group that consists of Tony Abreu, Brandon Allen, Cole Gillespie, Zach Kroenke, Kevin Mulvey, and Rafael Rodriguez.  By no means do I have any inside info on any of those guys, but I’ve read some of those guys may see time in Phoenix in September.  Only Allen really jumps off the page for me and says “come see me play”.

We know it’s a lost season, but it’s time to prepare for 2011 and September is a great time to see what players have.