Diamondbacks News

Hudson, Enright Continue to Shine

By Scott Allen

After the last two nights, each consisting of a huge victory in San Francisco, one thing is clear, actually make it two things. Those two things, Daniel Hudson and Barry Enright. Neither one of them has had a bad outing yet since joining the Arizona Diamondbacks.

In a season of horrible moves, horrible pitching, and just an overall forgettable performance these two pitchers have given us reason to look forward to something next season.  Enright had another great outing last night, winning 6-0.  Tonight, Daniel Hudson won 11-3.  In  11 starts Enright has not allowed more than 3 runs.  In all six of his starts Hudson has gone at least seven innings.  Enough said.

At some point they will both struggle and go through some growing pains.  Right now though, it is a lot of fun to watch games they pitch.  They give us something to look forward to when it comes to the Arizona Diamondbacks.  That’s not been something we’ve been able to say much for the past couple of seasons.

With ticket price increases on the horizon and uncertainty in the coaching staff and in the front office with the general manager’s position there has to be a positive somewhere.  The starting pitching of Hudson and Enright give us that positive.  I have a feeling we will be talking about both of them a lot over the next several years and most likely for all the right reasons.