Diamondbacks News

Dbacks Swept by Rockies

By Scott Allen

The Colorado Rockies.  The MVP team of September in MLB.  Here they go again.

Ten wins in a row and the Rockies all of a sudden find themselves in the pennant race once again.  Too bad for the Arizona Diamondbacks, as they are the recipient of the past three losses.  After getting blown out on Friday night 13-4, the Dbacks lost close ones the past two days, 2-1 on Saturday night and 4-2 today.

Ian Kennedy pitched a nice game today.  He went six innings, giving up only two hits and three walks.  Too bad the horrible bullpen had to pitch today.  The Dbacks have to be holding Kennedy back.  He only threw 82 pitches.  At this point in the season, I think the Dbacks would be better off either shutting him down for good if they are truly worried about his use, or just let him loose and let him rest in three weeks. Either way, the bullpen, again, did not do their job.  Sam Demel and Aaron Heilman are not making any friends here in Arizona lately.

Now it’s off to Cincinnati.  You have to start wondering if the Dbacks have started to call it in.  I know they lost close ones the past two nights, but both losses were late.  you have to wonder about their mental toughness to maintain leads at this point.  Then again, maybe it was never there to begin with.