Diamondbacks News

Dbacks Down to Final Two Weeks

By Scott Allen

What will see from the Arizona Diamondbacks over the past two weeks?  Many questions still to answer, even though the big one, where will they finish in the standings, was answered long ago.

The Dbacks will come home after tomorrow’s game against the Pittsburgh Pirates for the final six home games of the season before ending up on the road in California to end the season.  As recently as two weeks ago, the Dbacks looked like they would get into the 70’s with wins after a decent August.  However, they’ve been pretty flat in the month of September and now are struggling to ensure they avoid 100 losses again.

If they go .500 over the past two weeks, they will end up with a worse record than last season, however they will avoid 100 losses and can start looking forward immediately to a more successful 2011 season.

The Dbacks seemed to have digressed since the start of the month.  Mark Reynolds has disappeared.  He might, just might end up with an average under .200.  He hasn’t hit a homer in a couple of weeks.  Justin Upton has missed a ton of games.  Brandon Allen has disappeared after a huge start to his call up.  The bullpen has gone back to their old ways.  The offense has been on siesta since the end of August.  This very much looks like a team that can’t wait for the off season.

They are almost an after-thought in this town now with the NFL and the Arizona Cardinals having started their season.  College football too – Dbacks have even been preempted the past three Saturdays thanks to college football and honestly I don’t hear a soul complaining about it.  Question is – if you did complain, would anyone be listening?