Diamondbacks News

The Great Webb Debate

By Scott Allen

To bring him back or to not bring him back. Brandon Webb that is. That is the big question facing the Arizona Diamondbacks as they head into the off-season. Actually, its just one of a bunch of questions.

Webb, who has had two successful outings this past week in the Instructional League, is not going to pitch again until spring.  Question is, who will he be pitching for?  Part of me wishes the Dbacks give him one more shot, albeit at a much lower, incentive-laden, contract.  Part of me just wants to see the Dbacks just wash their hands of him.

Webb, who missed all but one start the past two seasons, has said he would like to return to Arizona.  I wonder if he knows the Dbacks won’t pay him near anything he wants.  There is no way anyone else though would give Webb what he wants either, so why not try to work something out?  Sure, it has been very tiring hearing the back and forth all season, since spring training, if Webb would pitch at all in 2010.  I think we all knew the answer in the spring but didn’t want to face reality.

Reality is, Webb has not pitched in a major league game since opening day 2009.  Reality is, the Dbacks are probably not bringing him back.  There is just no way the Dbacks can continue to drag along in his shadow of doubt.  Let some other team do that.  That is probably the best move to make.

I would love to see him pitch at the level he did in 2006 and 2007 for the Dbacks.  Reality is, he will probably never be at that level again, even when he does return.  I believe it is time to let go and let Webb have the fresh start I think he needs to continue a successful career.