Diamondbacks News

$80 Million Reasons to be Bearish on Darvish

By Scott Allen

So word comes down today that there are rumors of the Arizona Diamondbacks wanting to possibly shell out upwards of $80 million for Japanese pitching sensation Yu Darvish.  Um…Yu who?

That’s right – YU HOOO!  Arizona Diamondbacks??!!  You listening??!!

Seriously, $80 million?  I realize a lot of that is going to be paid as a posting fee to grab him out of Japan, but still, that’s money that could be MUCH better spent.  I seem to recall we need….hmmm….a BULLPEN!!  If you are going to spend $80 million on a pitcher, why not $80 million on like five pitchers for the BULLPEN!!??

Now, I can’t completely bash the Dbacks yet because they’ve yet to come out and confirm or deny the rumor.  I would have hoped they learned their lesson on Brandon Webb.  You know, the starting pitcher the Dbacks shelled out millions for.  The starting pitcher who hasn’t seen a major league mound for two seasons.  The starting pitcher that disabled the Dbacks in being able to get top notch relievers.  Yeah, that guy.  Now, they want Darvish?  Is Dbacks general manager Kevin Towers channeling his inner Josh Byrnes?

Well I am sure there will be much more to this soon.  I would still be surprised to see the Dbacks make such a move.  Compared to Boston Red Sox pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka, a.k.a. Dice-K,  in some aspects by some, I still don’t care.  Dice-K has been pretty much a disappointment.  Why do I get the feeling Darvish would be too and the disappointment would all start in the Dbacks front office with an irresponsible singing like this.