Diamondbacks News

NL West Represented in World Series

By Scott Allen

Maybe the NL West isn't as bad as everyone said it was.  From top to (almost) bottom, the division was competitive all season long.  Three of the five teams were in contention until the last week and a half and two of the teams were in the race until the last day of the season.

Now, the San Francisco Giants are in the 2010 World Series.  How about them apples?

Maybe there was something to the Arizona Diamondbacks losing 13 of 18 this season to the pitching-heavy Giants?  Ok, maybe the Diamondbacks just weren't that great either, but it is clear that the Giants domination in the regular season wasn't just because they got to play the Dbacks 18 times.  They have game.  Huge game.

Congrats to the Giants for making it to the World Series.  Hopefully they can now bring the trophy back to the NL West, a place it has not been since the Dbacks won the 2001 World Series.

The Dbacks will have their work cut out for them in this off-season if they truly want to compete with San Francisco and San Diego Padres pitching next year.  As far as hitting goes, the Dbacks just have to believe in themselves more.  I think hitting wise, the Dbacks are right there.  The power is there.  If only the Dbacks could get better clutch hitting and that means getting a deeper bench.  The Giants had just good enough hitting to get past the Philadelphia Phillies.  It was clutch hitting that did it.  For example, the Giants' Juan Uribe's 8th inning homer last night against the Phillies.

Time for the Dbacks to bring more fight to the table in 2011.  Look how far it has got the Giants so far?