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Diamondbacks May Make a Run at Konerko

By Scott Allen

According to ESPN Chicago, the Arizona Diamondbacks may be in the running for Chicago White Sox first baseman Paul Konerko once free agency starts.

I have mixed feelings about this.  First of all, don't at all get me wrong.  I think Konerko is still a great player, even approaching the age of 35.  Konerko hit .312 with 39 home runs and 11 RBI's in 2010.  How can anyone argue against picking those numbers up?  However, what about Adam Laroche?  What about Brandon Allen?  I realize Laroche didn't hit .312 or 39 homers or have 111 RBI (although he was close), but at what price are the D'backs going to get Konerko at?

I think the cheaper and wiser option is to keep Laroche.  Rumors swirled all season that the Dbacks wanted to ship Laroche off and continue developing Brandon Allen for the first baseman job in Arizona.  Once the trade deadline passed, then the rumors began that the Dbacks might sign Laroche to an extension.  Allen, eventually called up in September, seemingly would be destined for the outfield and would be groomed there.

Now this?  At what cost?  A guy like Konerko won't come cheap, even at his age.  I would rather see the Dbacks spend their money in the bullpen.  Granted, there may not be an equivalent of Konerko in the form of a reliever, however at the same time they would not be spending the money. For a team that seems to be struggling financially, this would be a strange move.  I also realize Konerko is a hometown guy, going to high school at Chaparral.  Is that enough to fill the seats?  Maybe, at first.  However, once fans realize they are still missing a bullpen, will have it been worth it?  Maybe, if you like another year of misery.