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Dbacks Decline Option on Laroche; Voting Time

By Scott Allen

So it begins.  After last weeks news that the Arizona Diamondbacks may be looking to go after the Paul Konerko, the Dbacks officially declined to pick up the option on first baseman Adam Laroche today.  That can only mean that it’s true, the Dbacks are going to go full tile after Konerko.

Personally, I don’t like the move only because I would like to see the Dbacks spend their money on other positions.  Laroche had a decent year at the plate and is great with the glove.  Clearly this is not about money.  What this is about is the Dbacks wanting less strike outs at the plate.  Is is smart spending though?  We all know what the Dbacks pitching situation is.  Did they make the right move here?  You make the call.

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