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Dbacks Say All but Goodbye to Webb

By Scott Allen

With one statement from management the Arizona Diamondbacks, in not so many words, bid adieu to pitcher Brandon Webb earlier today, thanks him for his services and contributions.

Not a day entirely unexpected to come.  After all, Webb has missed all but his opening day start in 2009 over the past two seasons.  After a lot of back and forth of whether he would or would not pitch in 2010, ultimately he did not pitch in the majors and only threw in a couple of instructional league games and neither one of them with great velocity on his fastball at that.

Webb will now test the free agent market and see what is out there for him.  I would be surprised to see someone take a chance without getting a bunch of concessions from Webb.  I would look for a heavily incentive-laden deal, which is exactly what he'll be offered from the Dbacks should he find no takers for what he wants on the open market.  The Dbacks, for their part in their official statement, left the door open for a return, but clearly it will take a lot for that to happen.

Webb will most likely have to prove himself to another team before they take great monetary chances with him.  As unfortunate as it is, that is the sad reality.  It will be almost back at square one for the former CY Young award winner.  For those reasons, I will give it a small chance that Webb returns to Arizona in some capacity.

Whatever happens though, I wish him luck in the future.  While not entirely happy how 2010 was handled by him or the organization, him leaving probably would be the best move for him.  He'll never again be the pitcher he was in 2006 and 2007.  That much you can count on.