Diamondbacks News

Dbacks Could Be Spending Money in Off-Season

By Scott Allen

Now that the Arizona Diamondbacks have unofficially-officially cut ties to pitcher Brandon Webb, the Dbacks have some room to spend some money to upgrade their roster for 2011.  Even if Webb were to come back though, it won't be nearly the amount he was paid last season.  Not even close.

The Dbacks are clearly looking for a first baseman after declining the option on Adam Laroche.  Not the best move by the Dbacks in my opinion, but I only critique.  I don't own the checkbook that pays these guys.  Right now, the Dbacks are rumored to be hot and heavy on the trail of Paul Konerko.  It certainly would be a good pick up, however at what price?  Remember, the Dbacks could use upgrades in multiple spots.

Starting pitching also needs an upgrade.  It would be nice to add a quality fourth guy behind Daniel Hudson, Ian Kennedy, and Barry Enright.  Rodrigo Lopez was good for half of the season, but gave up too many home runs that put the Dbacks in tough spots.  he also had a hard time going deep into games, thus taxing a poor bullpen.  The fifth guy is Joe Saunders, although I'm sure the Dbacks are going to try him in the second or third spot first I'm pretty sure.  Saunders needs to be more consistent.

Obviously the bullpen needs the biggest help.  They picked up Brian Sweeney off waivers from the Seattle Mariners a couple of weeks ago.  he posted a 3.17 ERA in 2010.  Not bad and much better than what was produced out of the pen in 2010.