Diamondbacks News

Addition Of Blum A Good Move

By Scott Allen

A good friend of mine sarcastically asked me today if I knew of the “huge” pickup the Arizona Diamondbacks made in free-agency, that pickup being infielder Geoff Blum, who spent last season with the Houston Astros.  I said I had and actually applaud the move to bring in some veteran leadership.  I say sarcastically though because the Dbacks have been known to make a blunder move here and there over the past couple of years.  I think we know that.  The track record since 2008 isn’t so hot.

I know what he was talking about though.  Blum is not exactly the household name you expected the Dbacks to go after first.  After all, I think we all know the pitching help the Dbacks are in need of.  However, the Dbacks also were deficient in veteran bench players.  Before you go off and ask what about Augie Ojeda?  I say, please people.

With young guys like Tony Abreu, Brandon Allen, Cole Gillespie, and Jon Hester, the bench was clearly void of experience.  Blum’s numbers don’t blow you away.  He hit .267 last season.  However having that experience on the bench can do nothing but help the young guys.  Hopefully the signing will pay off.